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MTV Presents "Multiplatform Message" at its Upfront

--Claims 61% of its "Core" Viewers Consume Content on Multiple Screens.
MTV Networks presented the advertising community with what it called a "multiplatform message" at its fourth annual joint upfront presentation in The Theater at Madison Square Garden earlier this month. The presentation, which was led by MTV chairman and CEO, Judy McGrath, touted the company's multiplatform content portfolio, along with its global reach and its high-profile brand, as offering advertisers opportunities to reach viewers of all ages and demographics.

The company, which offers an array of broadband and mobile services, in addition to its 122 linear channels, claims that 61% of its "core" viewers consume their entertainment content on multiple screens. "MTV Networks is all about developing original content specifically for every platform--for television, wireless and broadband," McGrath told attendees. "In a lot of ways, the technology has finally caught up with us. We are the only pure play content company with a global footprint and a multi-media playbook." MTV Networks' president and COO, Michael Wolf, meanwhile, told attendees that the company had embarked upon its multiplatform strategy because it had listened to its audience: "Because we listen to them, they've led us to other businesses that they find relevant, which means MTVN now has even more touch points for advertisers," he said. "We know that our audiences are into user-generated content, social networking and gaming, so we've made strategic acquisitions like IFILM, GameTrailers, NeoPets and, just last week, XFIRE."

In order to convince advertisers of the efficacy of its multiplatform strategy, MTV Networks has commissioned a "Multiplatform Engagement and Transference Study," whose results it unveiled at the upfront presentation. The study, which was conducted by research company, OTX, attempted to quantify audience "Engagement" (defined as "a deep consumer connection to a media brand's content") and "Transference" (defined as "the degree that consumers extend the positive feelings they have for media brands to the advertisers associated with them). Among the study's findings: engagement and transference increase when media and advertisers embrace multiple platforms; regular viewers of MTV Networks are more strongly engaged with and influenced by the ads they see than are viewers of other broadcast and cable networks; and the MTV Networks "brand family" offers the strongest transference of positive brand feelings, not only on television, but also on broadband and other online platforms.

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