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Futurism, fictional and science fictional - rambling and inspiring

Futurism, fictional and science fictional - rambling and inspiring: "Cory Doctorow: Matt Webb -- gnomic Internet thinker, mind hacker, and fictioneer -- gave a beautiful talk to an Design Critical Theory MA class at London's Goldsmith College, entitled 'Sci-fi I like, Fictional Futures, Goldsmiths.' It's a 50-slide ramble through the futurism, real and science fictional, that inspires Matt. There are plenty of thought-provoking bits here, and lots of funny gracenotes -- all and all worth a look, even if it is somewhat distractingly set up as fifty pages' worth of material with only a few paras per page (maybe he'll consolidate this into some meatier chunks -- say, five or ten pages in all). It’s a control room from Project Cybersyn. In 1970–1973, the revolutionary Chilean government managed to recruit Stafford Beer, a cyberneticist who worked on the feedback loops of management in corporations. He was pretty famous at the time. They were designed by Gui Bonsiepe, a German modernist. Anyway, the Chilean government called him up, and he built what he called “an electronic nervo"

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