domingo, maio 07, 2006

Big Media Blows It (Again) on Personal Media

Big Media Blows It (Again) on Personal Media: "While we wax about the meritocracy in personal media — the idea that anyone can create great stories and get credit for it — there is a flip side where the anonymity of personal media allows for the creation of a wider array of (sometimes disturbing) content. But that anonymity also allows others to co-opt and steal that content, redefining it with sometimes disturbing ends. This recent Reuters story about terrorists modifying videogames, replacing soldiers with terrorists, is completely fake. It turns out that not only is this not a videogame “mod” (as these types of modifications are called), it’s just a short video clip a fan made for fun (reply #18 is apparently the author) which includes quotes from the movie comedy Team America (shoulda been a tip-off). It’s not too much of a stretch to see in this more ham-handed, government-sponsored “spin,” either to stir up support for the war on terror or against videogames, take your pick. The Reuters reporter is probably spending the "

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