domingo, maio 07, 2006

Podcasting saved from the UN -- for now

Podcasting saved from the UN -- for now: "Cory Doctorow: The UN's World Intellectual Property Organization has abandoned its plans to create a podcast-killing treaty -- for now. This is the Broadcast Treaty, which will create a new group of rightsholders, the people who transmit information (broadcasters, satellite casters, cablecasters, but for now, not webcasters). These people get a 'broadcast right' to the works they transmit, over and above the copyright that goes to those works' creators. That means that even if you have the creator's permission to use a work you've received, you still need to get clearance from the broadcaster, whose only contribution to the work was putting it on the air. Uses that are considered fair under copyright -- things you can do without the creator's permission, like quoting and parody -- won't be fair uses under broadcast rights. And broadcast rights will cover things copyright doesn't cover, like works in the public domain, factual material and government materials. And the broadcast right trumps the Creative Commons licenses that have already been applied to 53 million works in"

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