terça-feira, maio 30, 2006

Help define "open business"

Help define "open business": "Cory Doctorow: The OpenBusiness project (an academic venture that I'm an advisor to) has started an open forum to discuss what constitutes an 'open' business practice, and they're seeking your input: Yet, thinking practically, MySpace – one of the best known ‘open’ platforms for sharing content and information - recently changed its copyright policy following acquisition by Murdoch. Today everything which is uploaded to the site, your pictures, movies and recordings belongs, legally at least, to them. This position is clearly in opposition to some of the benefits sought by loosening intellectual property restrictions. The definition of ‘open’ also depends, in this regard, on encouraging communities which are sustainable. There is also another aspect of how “Openess” changes the way business operates: Big industrial organisational models which were made for the era of mass-media and mass-production make no sense anymore. An online record label run by a staff of three can perform similar functions to a big record label run by hundreds of"

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