terça-feira, maio 30, 2006

UK online community websites

UK online community websites: "This BBC article says 'community websites MySpace and Bebo are fighting to see who is most popular among young people, reveals research.Analysis by Nielsen NetRatings shows the two companies have regularly swapped the top spot in sites that give people space to blog and post pictures'.Further,'the analysis shows that Bebo users tend to be younger than those on its rival with 54% of Beboers aged under 18 compared to 31% on MySpace.The audience on Bebo tends to make more use of the site spending,on average, one hour and 52 minutes on the site every month. MySpace members rack up only one hour 28 minutes a month'.This Netimperative article says,'despite its smaller overall audience there were more under 18’s on Bebo (1.17 million) than on MySpace (0.89 million) in April 2006.In addition,two-fifths (40%) of MySpace’s audience are over 35 compared to 28% of Bebo’s.Bebo is also more likely to be popular with women,their audience is 56% female compared to MySpace’s 46%.However,when it comes to actual size of the female audienc"

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