terça-feira, maio 30, 2006

Watching online video

Watching online video: "This marketingvox.com article says 'the number of online video watchers in the U.S. increased 18 percent in six months,from October 2005 and March 2006,according to comScore's first-ever study of video viewing habits,writes ClickZ.In March,viewers initiated 3.7 billion online video content streams and on average watched nearly 100 minutes of video content,compared with 85 minutes in October,according to comScore's new Video Metrix service.Men initiated 52 percent of those streams,women 48 percent,in March,and men spent on average two hours with the content,women, 1.3 hours.Males 18-34 spent the most time with online video,averaging 140 minutes,but all age groups are watching online video'.Looking at one of the sites benefiting from those numbers this pbs article YouTube CEO Hails ‘Birth of a New Clip Culture’ says 'Julie Supan,senior director of marketing for YouTube,said the site now serves up 35 million videos per day,and users upload 35,000 videos per day,with 100 million page views per day. These are massive numbers for a site that’s not even a year ol"

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