domingo, maio 28, 2006

MySpace Has Finally Made It.

MySpace Has Finally Made It.: "Everyone knows the rule: it’s not really a cultural phenomenon until Hugh Hefner gets the women of it to take off their clothes. (Okay, so I made the rule up, but think about it - you know I’m right.) Well, folks, social networking is now, officially, a cultural phenomenon, as Playboy this month presents the Girls of MySpace. (Link decidedly unsafe for work, obviously.) Personally, I’m waiting for the girls of JDate - my parents will be so proud. Tags: smithmag, Playboy, MySpace, Hugh, Hefner, JDate Read the new SMITH magazine: Your stories. The personal, raw, honest, memoirs, brushes with fame, close encounters, photo essays, and other ways we reveal the narratives of our lives. Everyone has a story. Everyone is a SMITH. "

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