sexta-feira, maio 26, 2006

Controversy about our "Web 2.0" service mark

Controversy about our "Web 2.0" service mark: "By brady Sara Winge, our VP of Corporate Communications, asked me to post this: The blogosphere has been buzzing today about O'Reilly sending a cease-and-desist letter to IT@Cork, demanding (yes, that's the legal term) that they not use 'Web 2.0' in the title of their conference. I'd like to give the O'Reilly perspective, and clear up a few things. You'd be hearing from Tim, but he's off the grid, on a (rare) vacation. O'Reilly and CMP co-produce the Web 2.0 conference. 'Web 2.0' was coined when we were brainstorming the concept for the first conference in 2003. As noted in the letter to IT@Cork (sent from CMP's attorney, but with our knowledge and agreement), 'CMP has a pending application for registration of Web 2.0 as a service mark, for arranging and conducting live events, namely trade shows, expositions, business conferences and educational conferences in various fields of computers and information technology.' To protect the brand we've established with our two Web 2.0 Conferences, we're taking steps to register 'Web 2.0' "

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