segunda-feira, maio 22, 2006

The Attention Trust

The Attention Trust: "One key to the inherent power (and value) of attention, is that without external attention our ideas and actions are virtually meaningless. Unlike TV, where you are served a finite amount of channels on a set schedule, the internet is a pull medium; our attention is invaluable. So much so that internet sites are tracking us. Some overtly (like requiring registration) others less so (i.e. planting spyware). As a result, a nonprofit has founded the Attention Trust. They've developed their own software (or you can use an approved online service called Root) that allows you to track your own internet usage. It's a bit like spying on yourself, except it's all above board. Later on, you can review on your habits, which may provide some insights, and you can share your information with whoever you wish (and only with those you wish). Privacy is key. Our attention is ours and we have a right to this proprietary information. TAGS: Internet, Non-profit, "

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