sábado, maio 20, 2006

Video Social Networking Enables Movie-Mashup Contest

Video Social Networking Enables Movie-Mashup Contest: "Warner Independent Pictures has tapped startup video editing and social networking community Jumpcut.com to promote Richard Linklater's movie 'A Scanner Darkly,' which opens July 7. Contestants can go online to remix the movie's video and still clips into a trailer to promote the film. This is reported in Information Week. The call went out on Tuesday to re-cut, remix or remake the film trailer based on the novel by Philip K. Dick. Warner Bros Independent Pictures supplied 49 still images and 23 video clips. There have been about two-dozen video clips made by 84 members. 'Instead of having one movie trailer out, Warner Independent has many, and this is only the first day,' said Mike Folgner, Miravida Media chief executive officer and co-founder on Wednesday. 'By the end of this contest they could have hundreds of movie trailers that are passed from friend to friend.' "

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