terça-feira, maio 30, 2006

Where 2.0: Pixie Hunt

Where 2.0: Pixie Hunt: "By brady Pixie Hunt is a location-based, mobile game that is coming out of Microsoft and we are proud to have it debut at and kick-off our Where 2.0 Conference this year. We are going to be supporting 10 teams in this hunt. Each team is armed with a phone (from Cingular), a GPS puck, and a Flickr account. In the game, teams compete with each other to take pictures of certain tasks ('take a photo of your team with a stranger in a scarf', 'take a picture of a corgie', etc). As a team completes a task and uploads their proof (a photo) to Flickr, the other teams are all shown your work and they see your score incremented. Jordan Schwartz explains the game in more detail: You load the application on your Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone or PocketPC cameraphone, sign up for an account on Flickr and a group text messaging service, then wait for instructions. Your phone will download a set of tasks like the examples above and you're off. Each time you take a photo against a task, it's automatically uploaded to Flickr and tagged. "

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