terça-feira, maio 30, 2006

Convergence brings old companies to new media, reverse effect

Convergence brings old companies to new media, reverse effect: "In the past week or two, we've seen major moves by established 'old media' corporations to further in-roads in digital technology. But, of course, I use the designator 'old media' for television networks only loosely because it's becoming increasingly difficult to define networks as 'television oriented,' considering how rapidly almost every major name is moving content in different directions. For instance, there's our partner here at C3, MTV Networks, and their new URGE product, cashing in on the cultural cache of MTV, CMT, and VH1 with a digital downloading service that offers exclusive content from the established 'old media' names. Or look at ABC's initial success with streaming ad-supported content online, annoucing that tests with streaming content to 2.5 million views in under three weeks led to an 86 percent recall rate for advertising. Each ABC program downloaded included three advertisements. Conversely, Google has now expanded into video ads online, and CBS and AOL have announced an unprecedented plan for a transm"

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