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mySociety.org: " Guidelines | FAQ | Submit Your Proposal | Read All Proposals
mySociety.org will support projects that have three broad attributes:
Founded on electronic networks. This includes the internet, mobile and telephone networks, wireless, fax and anything related.
Real world impact. The projects must have an impact which is above and beyond helping users to use their computers or mobiles more efficiently. We understand that there is a degree of philosophical ambiguity here (isn't faster browsing a real life impact?), so we've developed the following list of desirable outcomes from projects.
Increased social capital, preferably bridging between groups.
Reduced social exclusion
Improved human capital and employment prospects
Decreased occurrence of common social problems
NB Projects are not limited to these outcomes - if you've got something good which doesn't fit in here, please let us know anyway.
Low or zero cost scalability. This is key. We are looking for projects that cost the same (or virtually the same) to run for ten or a million users. This doesn't exclude the possibility of SMS based services, but it does rule out one-on-one tuition or building a site just for your community. "

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