segunda-feira, novembro 03, 2003


C21Media:: "Kara Swisher, a Wall Street Journal columnist who is considered an authority on the internet and the Time Warner/AOL merger, entertained delegates with tales of greed, deception and egomaniacal rantings.

She told delegates that players in the online space have to redefine their perception of content. 'The reason people go to the web is for instant information, hooking up with people or searching,' she said. 'There is no one thing that everyone needs to see. There is no 'Friends' on the internet. In fact, there still has not been anything I've seen that is the 'right' content,' she said.

She was excited about happenings in online gaming and photography areas. Swisher felt that that Blogs (a running commentary, or regular column that a user posts on a web page) are a definite movement forward, and that funding in Silicon Valley is opening up for social networking initiatives. She also noted that she's watching the wireless area very intently, but for 'conduit, not content'.

It was ironic but fitting that Swisher quoted renowned Canadian media visionary Marshal McLuhan and spoke about the movement of youth that will take the medium forward. In closing, she likened the entire Next MEDIA delegation to 'dinosaurs', which by the way likely averaged between 25-35 years old."

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