segunda-feira, novembro 03, 2003


C21Media:: "Future TV may well be unrecognisable from today, defined not just by linear TV channels, packaged and scheduled by television executives, but instead will resemble more of a kaleidoscope, thousands of streams of content, some indistinguishable as actual channels. These streams will mix together broadcasters' programmes and viewers' contributions.

At the simplest level - audiences will want to organize and reorder content the way they want it. They'll add comments to programmes, vote on them and generally mess about with them. But at another level, audiences will want to create these streams of video themselves from scratch, with or without our help.

At this end of the spectrum, the traditional 'monologue broadcaster' to 'grateful viewer' relationship will break down, and traditional advertising and subscription models will no longer be viable.

Against this background, new research from the BBC has revealed four new and significant social trends that show that the way in which we consume TV is changing forever. From this we have been able to start changing our content and looking at the ways in which blurring the boundaries between the old and new media can benefit both sides of the industry. "

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