terça-feira, setembro 23, 2003

new world

new world: "The linking of a location aware device (e.g. something with GPS funtionality), with a handheld computer (e.g. an IPAQ or a handspring) together with a mobile, wireless, internet connection, creates a significant new mass market computing platform which begins to make possible:
• leaving notes, demarcating spaces, and marking places, but leaving no external visible sign of having done so.
• anything left can be made visible to all, or to user specified individuals and groups.
• information (textual, audible or visual) can be bound to specific places.
• an alternative or supplement to permanent visual signifiers (e.g. signs, clothing, advertising).
• individuals can utilise new forms of community based on augmented awareness of their proximity to places of interest and each other..
..spontaneous extended community defined by both common interest and proximity.
• tracking the migration and movement patterns of people, animals and things.
• places can have histories 'attached' to them (i.e. the collection of notes left at a given place sorted according to when they were left).
• inanimate objects can become more animate (if you know where a tree is and you know when someone is walking past it you could make it burst into song)."

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