sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2003

Jamming the Media: What's a "Media Hacker?"

Jamming the Media: What's a "Media Hacker?": "Media Hacking is a term I use in Jamming the Media to refer to amateurs who produce various forms of media, making use of available technologies and resources and trying to overcome limitations, in much the same way that computer hackers do. Early hackers preached a 'question authority' and 'yield to the hands-on imperative' philosophy that's shared by most DIY media-makers. 'Culture Jamming' is often used in a similar context, but it usually refers to forms of media sabotage (billboard hacking, media hoaxing, illegal postering). Media hacking is any form of do-it-yourself media manipulation done with little money, lots of passion, and heaping doses of good ol' Yankee ingenuity. "

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