sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2003

Guardian Unlimited | Online | Auntie's digital revelation

Guardian Unlimited | Online | Auntie's digital revelation: "the BBC is planning to digitise and offer for download, for free, as much of its back catalogue of programmes that it can legally do, from the earliest radio reels to nature documentaries to educational programmes. Anyone will be allowed to re-use, re-edit and mix this material with their own, provided it's for non-commercial use.
The project is called the BBC Creative Archive. It draws some of its inspiration from Lawrence Lessig's Creative Commons project, a US legal project that provides artists with boilerplate contracts that allow their works to be shared more easily on the net, rather than tied up in copyright restrictions that make copying their work illegal.
To fulfill Dyke's vision - where, as he describes, children can download BBC material to include in their own presentations for free - the BBC's work will have to be largely free from copyright controls.
And if the BBC takes this route, it will have the biggest, most responsive file-distribution on the planet to help shift this treasure trove of material: the file-sharing networks. "

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