segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2003

Node Runner ))) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Node Runner ))) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ): "Node Runner is a two teams race to connect to and photograph the most wireless nodes between Bryant Park to Bowling Green on New York City's wireless network.
To begin each team gets a wireless laptop with software that scans for nodes, a digital camera, and cab fare. Each is briefed on how to use the gear. Both teams take photos at Eyebeam and leave for Bryant Park.
The clock startes once both teams to leave Eyebeam. The teams have two and a half hours to connect to and photograph as many nodes as possible, collect a log (with the node scanning software) of nodes along their way, and arrive to the Bowling Green.
1 point is given for every 5 nodes the team's scanning software logs.
Teams will not be able to connect to every node they scan, but their node scanning software will collect a log of all the nodes they pass. 5 points are given for each set of photos that arrives to Eyebeam.
The Teams should provide 2 photos from each node they can connect to. The first photo should be of team members at the node. The second photo should be of a street sign or some other distinguishing landmark at the node."

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