quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2003

TV Predictions.com - News, Views & Predictions on TV Technology

TV Predictions.com - News, Views & Predictions on TV Technology: "Interactive TV
Long-hyped as the next big thing, the two-way technology continues to struggle. However, there are signs that the industry may now be on the right track. ITV companies are producing new compelling features that could return dividends in the next 12-18 months.

Biggest Winner: Charter
The Paul Allen-run cable service has invested heavily in Interactive TV, buying control of ITV software firm Digeo, and the home networking device, Moxi. Charter has also deployed interactive services in approximately 750,000 homes and has plans for more in the coming months. If Interactive TV eventually succeeds, Allen's investment will pay off handsomely.

Biggest Loser: Microsoft
The software titan has spent billions on ITV investments, research and infrastructure. However, to date, the company has little to show for it. Due to technical snafus and strategic mistakes, Microsoft's ITV software is still at the starting game. But don't give up on this company. Microsoft, which recently announced a series of cable TV trials for its new and improved software, could still wind up as the biggest winner of them all."

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