segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2003

Node Runner ))) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Node Runner ))) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ): "The first Noderunner game was played in New York City the summer of
2002 in conjunction with Eyebeam and NYCwireless, as seen on Tech TV. Yury Gitman and Carlos Gomez have since been awarded artist residencies at Eyebeam to continue the development of Noderunner. While at Eyebeam the artists' focus is two fold. They will redesign the Noderunner site to act as an international scoreboard and resource site to promote the playing of Noderunner in any city. Additionally they will organize seasonal (winter, fall, summer) New York City Noderunner games as well as help interested parties in other cities, like San Diego and Dublin, play."

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