quinta-feira, junho 01, 2006


Crowdsourcing: "[via Social Synergy Weblog] [bliki | What is a bliki?] Back in January of this year I blogged on smartmobs.com about an interesting blog posting from Jeff Jarvis. The idea that I talked about at the time, inspired by Jarvis' post was that: ...on the' individual' level, we want to control the things that we create (and, that if we can't, we'll go elsewhere). On the 'collective' level, we 'create as we consume' collectively, and that the 'crowd' itself owns the 'wisdom of the crowd'. If someone tries to 'own' this crowd-wisdom generated from consumption, they make it less valuable by trying to disconnect it from larger networks to control it. This shift in the way that things are designed and used was inspired by the success of open source software and the emergence of 'Peer to Peer'(P2P) paradigms in ever growing areas of human problem solving. Some of the roots of these concepts extend back to work done at MIT, such as Gershenfeld's Personal fabrication ideas, Frank Piller's Mass Customization work, and Eric Von Hippel's"

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