quinta-feira, junho 01, 2006

How do "info-addict" couples surf together?

How do "info-addict" couples surf together?: "Cory Doctorow: Wired News columnist Momus is collecting stories about 'information addicted' couples who spend their together time with a couple of computers, typing alongside of one another. That characterizes all my relationships since the late nineties -- the questions are cool and resonant: What about surfing as a form of sociability: do you e-mail each other interesting website addresses? Do you tend to visit the same kinds of sites? I know that when Hisae and I are surfing, language divides us: I'm visiting English-language sites, she's on Japanese ones. But quite a lot of our interaction is me asking her for explanations of things, Japanese stuff I don't understand. When that's going on, we'll either bring up the same page on two machines, or huddle around one. It's actually more sociable than TV. (Of course, maybe the TV is on at the same time.) What about more dubious areas: are you secretly looking at porn with your partner right there in the room? Are you flirting with someone else, messaging someone? Because the weird thi"

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