sexta-feira, maio 12, 2006

20% of broadband subscribers

20% of broadband subscribers: "DMasia reports 'twenty per cent of broadband subscribers across the US and Europe now use wi-fi to share their internet connection between PCs and other devices,according to a survey of 2000 internet users from market research firm Strategy Analytics' Connected Home Devices service.According to the report,7 per cent of all households now have a wireless network.The US is the leading market with 8.4 per cent penetration,followed by the Nordic region with 7.9 per cent.Wi-fi usage in the UK (6.1 per cent) and Germany (5.1 per cent) is below the average.The survey also found that consumers in the highest income groups were three times more likely to use wi-fi than those in the least affluent'. 20% of broadband subscribers in US, Europe use wi-fi – survey"

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