quinta-feira, maio 11, 2006

Interview J.D. Lasica, Ourmedia.org

Interview J.D. Lasica, Ourmedia.org: "Micki Krimmel did a great interview on WorldChanging with J.D. Lasica (of Ourmedia) : 'MK: What about citizen media for social change? Are you seeing groups forming around social issues? JL: Yeah. One of the big changes we want to make on OurMedia in the next few months is to make it more of a community-centric site. The world doesn’t need another YouTube. I’m not picking on You Tube, but they’re the ones who are getting all the attention today. There are plenty of sites now where you can just upload your funny video, right? We want to get to a place where more people can feel like they’re doing something - they’re creating video for a social purpose. So, if your passion is all about local politics or the environment or energy or global warming, you should be able to share your thoughts in a text blog or video or podcast. I would like to see some of these video-sharing sites enable people to go beyond their enclosed walled gardens to connect with each other. And that’s an"

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