quinta-feira, maio 11, 2006

Bliki (blog+wiki)

Bliki (blog+wiki): "[via Social Synergy Weblog] [bliki | What is a bliki?] From now on, in all of the posts that I make here in this blog, as well as posts to Cooperation Commons and Smartmobs, and original writings to any WebAssistant TeleCommunity, I am going to include a link to this site,which is called a bliki in terminology invented by Ward Cunningham. So, what is a bliki, and why am I doing this? From the OddWiki-Center: A bliki is a wiki in sheep’s clothing. Bliki is an experiment in modifying wiki in order to make it more attracting to many users. It started with the day-pages, the go-to-bar, xtof’s bliki and the fete-d’internet-wiki css-dressing-up nicely for the party, building the tools-bar, moving edit today’s page to the upper right corner, renaming the wiki-forum to recent day-pages, giving the edit links a little olor, ready was the bliki. We don’t know yet if it works. A bliki is a wiki. Fullstop. For the beginning a new brand name bliki sounds cool and works, but you soon real"

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