segunda-feira, abril 10, 2006

Grassroots photojournalism: See Me TV & 24 Hours

Grassroots photojournalism: See Me TV & 24 Hours: "Via Picturephoning Since 3 launched See Me TV in October, it has had more than a million downloads a month, reports The Guardian. 'Now it is about to launch 24 Hours, claimed to be a 'world first' service for would-be journalists that I have been testing. Its motto: 'Break the news and spot celebs wherever you are and make money too.' ... The point is that we are only at the start of what may turn out to be a grassroots revolution. It is rare for the average person to witness a major incident, but there will be hundreds of others there with cameraphones at the ready. As phones become more powerful and easier to use - so will photo-journalism improve.' (Thanks Mark Smith)"

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