quarta-feira, janeiro 07, 2004

Jef Raskin - About The Humane Environment

Jef Raskin - About The Humane Environment: "When Raskin created the Macintosh project at Apple, his fundamental insight was to design a popular-price product starting from the human interface. Instead of starting with the sexiest processor or the coolest operating system as others did, he went from the user's needs to creating hardware and software to support the desired interaction. Combining then-current trends (many of which had been developed or improved at Xerox PARC) with his own interface inventions (such as click-and-drag for making arbitrary selections and moving objects), and the work of many colleagues, the result of Raskin's project became a major factor in the industry changeover to the modern Graphic User Interface (GUI). Computers became much easier to learn, and accessible to a wider range of users."

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