sexta-feira, dezembro 26, 2003

Mixed Reality Laboratory at University of Nottingham

Mixed Reality Laboratory at University of Nottingham: "Ethnomethodology is a unique field of sociological research devised by Harold Garfinkel in the 1960s. The field is concerned to understand the socially organized character of practical action and practical reasoning; with how the members of social settings, such as workplaces, homes, highways, etc., construct those settings in their material actions and make those actions and the settings they reflexively elaborate, reasonable, familiar, ordinary facts of social life (Garfinkel 1967). The practical orientation of Garfinkel’s work to the study of the ordinary facts of social life, or “objective social structures” in more complicated locution, saw the emergence of a distinct programme of research in the 1970s called “Ethnomethodological Studies of Work”. The programme was inspired by the late Harvey Sacks’ recognition that there was “a gap” in existing social science literatures which he called “the missing interactional what” of organizational studies (Garfinkel 1986; Sacks 1992)."

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