sexta-feira, dezembro 26, 2003

Interaction Ivrea: About: Interaction Design

Interaction Ivrea: About: Interaction Design: "The Design Process at Interaction-Ivrea
1. Understand the users' experience... they live, what they need and want...
2. Imagine new opportunities
with brainstorming, opportunity mapping...
3. 'Just-enough' prototyping:
models to reveal the quality of the experience.
(It's not enough to see that the technology works.)
4. Design solutions:
. what is the role of the product or service in people's lives?
. what is the right mental model for the user?
. what is the look and feel of the interaction?
. what are the technical issues to solve?
5. Craft the interactive experience...
...what people will see, hear and feel.
6. Present and test the outcome"

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