quarta-feira, setembro 03, 2003

Revising the Roles of Management in Participatory Design

Revising the Roles of Management in Participatory Design: "Participatory design is a discipline of design practices based on complete inclusion of the user or intended work community in the design of their tools and processes. Participatory design (PD) differs from other approaches (such as joint application design, or JAD) in that the users are more than stakeholders in the design and development process - they share responsibility with the developers for the quality and performance of the delivered system. They also share much more broadly in the development process itself, by participating with developers and as designers themselves (a process sometimes referred to as 'co-development'). PD is more a philosophy of total user involvement with the systems they will eventually use in their roles as producers of value for the organization. This philosophy in practice extends far beyond merely design workshops and JAD sessions - it becomes the way of doing business for development of all systems."

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