quinta-feira, setembro 18, 2003

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f r e e g o r i f e r o | thoughts | thinklog | always on people: "Another fleeting moment of enlightenment was caused by a conversation around the way we have turned almost all of our interstitial moments into points of contact with other people.

I call most of my friends and my parents while driving home from work, a shared habit that a British colleague has recently associated with his mother asking him 'where are you off to' whenever he calls her.
I suddenly realized how many of my social links rely on my mobile phone and its ability to turn my daily commute into a diluted version of a dinner together.
Often even a flight of stairs usually translates into a quick call.
These common episodes show that we not only already expect people to be always-on, just like data, but also that the awareness that we can access anybody, anytime, anywhere has driven a perception of time that resembles that of the ever present.
We live in the now. "

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