sexta-feira, setembro 01, 2006

Star Trek 40th anniversary: Wired News wants your photos

Star Trek 40th anniversary: Wired News wants your photos: "Xeni Jardin: Next week marks four decades since the birth of Star Trek, and Wired News wants evidence of Trekkie life in our galaxy: Any homemade homage to the Star Trek universe, any snapshots of you with the stars, anything that shows your devotion to this one of a kind phenomenon: if we like it, we'll post it in a front page photo gallery on Thursday, Sept. 8. We've set up a group on Flickr called Wired News: Star Trek Submissions. All you have to do is join the group and add appropriate photos. Please include a description of the photo and the name you want us to use when crediting the images. Alternatively, you can simply tag your photos with 'wirednewsstartrek' and we'll be able to find your submission(s) that way. Link. (Thanks, Leander Kahney) Image: a still from one my favorite Star Trek episodes, 'The Way to Eden.' Here, Spock approaches some dirty hippies on their way to Burning Man, and asks them if their cupcake artcars are powered by bad trance music. "
-- check Henry Jenkins

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