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What kind of value is created in networks: symbolic value

What kind of value is created in networks: symbolic value: "symbolic value’ = a form of value that is produced by immaterial labour and not measured in forms of money, but can be appropriated and capitalized as well.This concept is discussed by Christopher Spehr [edit] “The symbolic value of virtual and global networking consists in recognition, centrality and representation. Recognition means that others positively acknowledge what you do, that you ‘get a name’ by it, that you are seen as a person, group, movement, organisation that does important work and shows relevant skills. (The notion of the internet as a place of ‘recognition economy’ has been used before. I owe a lot of these ideas to the essay of Francis Hunger, ‘Computer als Männermaschine’, and his creative use of the work of Pierre Bourdieu and Roswitha Scholtz.) In the internet, recognition value e.g. may be measured in links that go to this site. Centrality means that others may find you, that you control a space or structure that is visited by"

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