sábado, agosto 19, 2006

We are the media: how to participate in autonomous media production?

We are the media: how to participate in autonomous media production?: "If you are familiar with the resources that we are collating at the Wiki of P2PFoundation.net, you know that the middle column is dedicated to topical pages. One such new page is one P2P Audiovisual Concepts and is maintained by Valentin Spirik. He has done an absolutely marvelous job of collating the best how-to resources. Here’s his own description of the project: P2P Wiki: readers/contributions welcome to the new Audiovisual Concepts section! This is just a short announcement to let everyone know that the new Audiovisual Concepts section in the P2P Wiki now already offers a couple of introductory articles and resources that might be worth a visit if you are interested in online audio and video. We have a Beginner’s Guide to the AudioVisual P2P Net, a list with free (and mostly open-source) software that should help with empowering anyone to access/produce/publish online media and we’ve also started a list with (free) online videos that are of interest to the audiovisual section of the Wiki, e.g. We Are The Media "

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