domingo, junho 18, 2006

Distributed Journalism Conversation at Pressthink, Bloggercon

Distributed Journalism Conversation at Pressthink, Bloggercon: "Over at his blog, Jay Rosen writes — in preparation for a session he’s leading next Friday at BloggerCon — Users-Know-More-than-We-Do Journalism, saying: It’s a “put up or shut up” moment for open source methods in public interest reporting. Can we take good ideas like… distributed knowledge, social networks, collaborative editing, the wisdom of crowds, citizen journalism, pro-am reporting… and put them to work to break news? The answer is absolutely. Read the posting and comment thread for some good discussion. Here’s what I posted: Generally speaking, what we’re discussing here are projects that can be broken down into little pieces where lots and lots of people can ask one question, or look at one document, or solve on piece of a big puzzle. Then the results are aggregated, parsed and reassembled into a coherent whole. It’ll almost always require some folks at the center. We used to call them editors. Reading all the l"

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