segunda-feira, junho 12, 2006

Sweden's national election and the Pirate Party

Sweden's national election and the Pirate Party: "'Swedes who download free music and movies have formed their own political party and plan to field 140 candidates,' Times Online reports.Further,'some 6,000 Swedes (and counting) have formed their own political party:the Pirate Party.To be clear, the Pirate Party doesn’t just represent all-you-can-eat downloaders,but downloading is the principal activity that this group, ranging from their teens to late 50s,seems to have in common.'For a lot of members this is the first political party they’ve ever joined,' says 21-year-old Balder Lingegard, an engineering student from Gothenburg who serves as the Pirate Party secretary and is a parliamentary candidate in this September’s national election.'For some, they have felt betrayed by the political system for a long time,feeling it did not represent their interests.Others felt as if there was never an important enough issue for them to take a political stand.'That 'important issue' occurred last week in the form of a raid by Swedish police on The Pirate Bay, a community of more than "

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