quarta-feira, maio 17, 2006

Web 2.0 is just getting started

Web 2.0 is just getting started: "Forbes Erika Brown chatted with AOL's Jeremy Liew and Yahoo!'s James Slavet about some of the perspectives of Web 2.0. Here is the article. Liew: 'Personalization is going to revolutionize the Web. It's an idea people have been talking about since 1996. There's active personalization, which only works when it's about self-expression, like MySpace. Then there's passive personalization, which is when a company provides you information based on watching what you do, though not necessarily in a creepy way'. Slavet: 'With the proliferation of 'open source' software and viral marketing programs, Internet companies can reach millions of users with less money than before. [Open-source software allows customers to tweak a software program's underlying code, so technology companies are essentially getting programmers for free.]'"

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