quarta-feira, maio 17, 2006

Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing: "By brady When I was at the maker faire the other week, there were a ton of striking projects (including Onomy Labs's niftytilty table - you'll see that at the Where Faire). One attraction that stood out to me was Bathsheba's booth with her metal sculptures. They are amazing. pShe makes these with a 3D metal printer. Though I had heard about 3D printing of this sort and read about it I had never seen objects of this complexity and beauty in person (how long till trading designs like these around are a regular part of p2p apps?). Bre Pettis has posted a video interview with Bathsheba on the Make blog. If you are curious about this topic it is worth watching (or for a slightly smaller download check out her How To Start 3D Printing PDF). "

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