domingo, maio 14, 2006

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference 2006

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference 2006: "[bliki | What is a bliki?] 7th Annual Organizers' Collaborative Grassroots Use of Technology Conference Saturday, June 17, 2006 -- 8:30 to 5:30 U of Massachusetts, Boston Wheatley Hall - Snowden Auditorium-Register Schedule We aim to present tools that make the sometimes challenging tasks associated with nonprofits and organizing much easier to accomplish, so that our groups and movements can better achieve their goals. The Keynote presentation at this conference will be delivered by folks from the Citizen Action Team., who used grassroots technology to organize aid for hurricane Katrina relief victims. CONFIRMED WORKSHOPS Here are the workshops confirmed as of 5/9: * Hosting 101: How to register your domain name and find a place to put your web site -- Jamie Mcclelland, May First Technology Collective * Technology Decision-Making for the Non-Technical Executive -- Alissa Fencsik, Harbinger Partners * Changing the Look and Feel of Your Content Management System -- Ben Dimaggio, IT Consultant * Simple, Cheap and Secure Options for Credit Card Donations "

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