domingo, maio 14, 2006

Chris Anderson's Long Tail talk last night

Chris Anderson's Long Tail talk last night: "By tim Chris Anderson and Will Hearst spoke about the Long Tail last night as part of The Long Now Foundation's seminar series. Stewart Brand wrote up this report: You know something is up when an audience member is taking cell phone photos of the presenter's slides for instant transmittal to a business partner. Chris Anderson does have killer slides, full of exuberant detail, defining the exact shape of the still emerging opportunity space for finding and selling formerly infindable and unsellable items of every imaginable description. The 25 million music tracks in the world. All the TV ever broadcast. Every single amateur video. All that is old, arcane, micro-niche, against-the-grain, undefinable, or remote is suddenly as accessible as the top of the pops. 'The power law is the shape of our age,' Anderson asserted, showing the classic ski-jump curve of popularity--- a few things sell in vast quantity, while a great many things sell in small quantity. It's the natural product of variety, inequality, and network effect sifting, which amplifies the inequali"

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