quinta-feira, maio 04, 2006

CBS launches new internet TV channel "Innertube"

CBS launches new internet TV channel "Innertube": "Xeni Jardin: Today, CBS debuted a free, ad-supported broadband TV 'channel' called 'Innertube.' Snip from TVWeek story: Program offerings include sketch comedy, reality, talk, animation and music from CBS Entertainment, King World, CBS Paramount Network Television, CBS Paramount Domestic Television and Showtime. Innertube will also serve as a distribution outlet for episodes of programs from CBS's current prime-time lineup as well as material from CBS's library. CBS will also make available episodes of series that don't draw high enough ratings to remain on broadcast TV. Link to story. Too bad they don't own innertube.com. Whups. CBS will make the 'channel' available from this link on the CBS.com domain, and they've started by offering three shows there. The interface is built in Flash, which everyone on the internet just can't get enough of. (Thanks, D.A.!) "

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