sexta-feira, abril 28, 2006

Copyfight documentary opens in NYC tonight

Copyfight documentary opens in NYC tonight:
"Cory Doctorow: Twila sez, ''Alternative Freedom' will premiere TODAY in New York City's east village at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater on April 27 and run until May 3. The event is sponsored by the NYU freeculture group. The night of the premiere the directors (Twila & Shaun) will be doing a Q&A to discuss the film. On Satuday, Lawrence Lessig will introduce the film and talk afterwards.' While Congress changes our copyright laws under the behests of a few powerful corporations, individuals across the United States are losing their digital rights. Activists are working together to change this oppressive regime and create an alternative of freedom. Two filmmakers uncover the most important legal battles of our time: Copyright Law and Digital Rights Management. Featuring interviews with DJ Danger Mouse, Lawrence Lessig and more."

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