quinta-feira, abril 27, 2006

To blog or not to blog

To blog or not to blog: "A very interesting analysis of Paul Miller on Trevor Butterworth article about blogging in the FT Magazine. Butterworth argued - through a series of interviews with the blogging literati - that blogging has overstayed its welcome and isn't quite as revolutionary as everybody seems to think it is. Miller responds that Butterworth is mistaken in his 'blogophobian' approach, or at least misses the point. Saying blogs are bad is like saying the telephone is evil. Yes, all technology comes with its own biases and rules that shape social uses of it. But blogging rules are pretty good, or at least pretty democratic: it encourages debate, it encourages decentralisation, the barriers to entry are very low. Now, I recognise that each of those comes with downsides, but I think the overall effect is very positive. Blogs aren't causing the shift away from newspapers - hundreds of forces are busy doing that (the narrow-mindedness of many media professionals for one) - but they are accelerating it, particularly for people in their teens and twenties, the people who were walking awa"

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