sexta-feira, agosto 08, 2003

v-2 Organisation | media + culture | Whatever happened to serendipity?

v-2 Organisation | media + culture | Whatever happened to serendipity?: "here's a brief list of some evolutionary elaborations that Web sites have sprouted since the bare-list-of-links days.
- Comments: Direct audience response, anonymous or attributed.
- Trackback: 'Here's what other people are saying about this at site X.'
- GPS tagging and other location-based metadata: 'This entry was published from 38 degrees 17 minutes 11 seconds North by 130 degrees 42 minutes 37 seconds East.'
- Faceted classification: 'View records by Place, Date, Language, Rating, Category, Author...'
- Amazon-style collaborative filtering: 'Others who rated Café Eight highly also liked the following restaurants/books/music:'
- Slashdot-style reputation management: 'This entry has an average rating of +4 Useful, and has been rated by 271 users.'"

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