domingo, maio 25, 2003

CSTB Publication: Beyond Productivity: Information Technology, Innovation, and Creativity
This report examines the dynamic intersection of information technology with the world of the arts and design. This intersection has already yielded results of significant cultural and economic value, including innovative architectural and product designs, computer animated films, computer music, computer games, interactive art installations, cross-cultural experimentation, and Web-based texts. However, many opportunities for new collaborative ventures remain to be explored.

segunda-feira, maio 19, 2003

The Future of Interactive Television: Report From Two Alternate Universes
What does this mean for future convergence? Will the TV and computer meld in our living rooms? Will advertisers have to worry digital TV will kill the 30-second spot? Must online marketers abandon everything they've been doing and move to new TV models? Will convergence kill TV? The Web?

segunda-feira, maio 12, 2003

DMI - Events >>New TV>>Welcome
We would like thank everyone who attended the conference. We hope it was both an enjoyable and informative day. A selection of speaker presentations are now available for download on the right hand side.
A one day conference targeted at the broadcast, marketing and IT sectors organised by Digital Media Intelligence in association with Van Dusseldorp & Partners (NV).

domingo, maio 11, 2003 - Ebusiness Despatches: Where content and distribution meet, there's only one winner
Ebusiness Despatches: Where content and distribution meet, there's only one winner
Guess who?

We were promised a brave new world of innovative content and digital distribution. It was to be a world where film, music, magazines, digital TV and online would meet satellite and fat pipes. The results would be spectacular and a platform for lots of other kinds of digital success. So what's gone wrong?