sábado, novembro 30, 2002

Cross-media conference, Greece, May 2003
Cross-media publishing and service delivery are important new trends emerging in the content industry landscape. Mass-media organizations and content providers traditionally targeted content production towards a single delivery channel.  However, recent economic and technological changes in the industry led content providers to extend their brands to cover multiple delivery channels.
Cross media - just another buzzword?
Editor: Monique de Haas

sábado, novembro 09, 2002

BBC fights for interactivity
BBC commissioning editor Celia Taylor has risen to the challenge for broadcasters to build their interactive offerings, ordering a new entertainment format bringing together the web, gaming and TV
-- muito muito interessante

segunda-feira, novembro 04, 2002

SGC exporta tecnologia, 12/10/2002
João Pereira Coutinho vai vender à Belgacom e aos americanos da SBC soluções de banda larga
-- será?