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Latest News1 -

Latest News1 -: "Extensive Report on 'Mobile E-Content' now online!
In a combination of presentations and practical demonstrations the ACTeN Scouting Workshop 'Mobile E-Content: Innovations from Europe' brought together some 20 developers, project managers and young professionals of multimedia applications with altogether 10 pioneers in digital content creation. The three-day long event took place in May in Stuttgart (Germany) and was part of the fmx/03, the leading congress in digital animation, digital effects and digital content.
The complete analysis of the event is now available online with presentations, analysis, conclusions and photos.
For the full report go to

X-Melina - Home Page

X-Melina - Home Page: "Cross media is not just an imperative for successful marketing of goods and services but also a requirement for communicating exceptional contents and exciting experiences using diverse platforms and technologies.

Cross media production has been developed through Reality TV and News combining over the air of cable TV with web-sites, user interaction with flexible contents and non-linear story development. X-MELINA addresses young professionals and producers wishing to learn about the possibilities of cross media production and management in various parts of Europe."

X-Melina - Home Page

X-Melina - Home Page: "X-MELINA
An intensive training program in cross media and new technology for young professionals and producers working with convergent media, in the broadcast and in audiovisual or new media industries."

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BBC - iCan - - A1177463 - What is iCan?

BBC - iCan - - A1177463 - What is iCan?: "iCan is a new BBC service which aims to help people start doing something about issues in their life. You can find advice, inspiration, and a growing number of people able to help you."

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: "THOLOS uses completely state-of-the-art visual and audio processing technology and software. The thoroughly researched and tested cylinders will find its place at the heart of major cities - for example at the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna or the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin - making them instant symbols of pan-European identity. THOLOS - the 'materializing' of the European Union vision.

Central urban places, in the middle of European Metropolis, guarantee extraordinary opportunities to see while creating a so-far unknown promotional effect. THOLOS will be the innovative landmark of the city.

THOLOS and its location will be the multi-cultural and tourist meeting center since it will also be a presentation tool for art movies, cultural media, documentations and other events. "

terça-feira, outubro 21, 2003

TelevisionWeek -- Media and Television Technology

TelevisionWeek -- Media and Television Technology: "he Media Center is dead on arrival. The American people will not watch television on their PCs-not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The very concept is foreign to the way we think. Many Americans spend long hours every day hunched over a personal computer. Consequently, most of us associate the PC with the unpleasantness of work. That will not change no matter how many video features are added."

sexta-feira, outubro 17, 2003

Doors of Perception:News

Doors of Perception:News: "
Big on Borges
Date: 14 August 2003
Not only a rather good writer who knew how to tell a twisted tale, Jorge Luis Borges also framed some of the key philosophical questions surrounding cyberspace - his Library of Babel becoming something of an archetypical metaphor for the Internet (even for people who have never read it). Therefore, we feel compelled to draw your attention to an enormous new website on his work, with a vast array of links, news and commentary relating to his paradoxical contemplations on the nature of knowledge, memory and reality. Well done Martin Hadis, who obviously gave up having a life in order to string it all together. We feel JLB would have approved of this labyrinthine offering. related links:

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Lars Holmgaard Christensen  Institution Institut for Kommunikation VR Media Lab  Aalborg Universitet Niels Jernes Vej 14

Lars Holmgaard Christensen  Institution Institut for Kommunikation VR Media Lab  Aalborg Universitet Niels Jernes Vej 14: "In my project, 'Consuming Interactive Television' I focus on the TV-media and its new interactive forms which are not simply confined to new possibilities within the apparatus itself but rather involves the entire media ensemble which includes several programme formats on TV. We are, I think, facing some vital digital displacements in the media landscape and the new, digital infrastructure entails new patterns in the ways in which people watch TV. In convergent and cross media television environments I pursue an understanding of how television viewers engage in and interactively become co-producers of the on-screen content and flow. Therefore I have an increased focus on the changes in television consumption and the use of technology in the socio-cultural realm. The interactive turn in media culture suggests new patterns of interactivity and social interaction, so the naturalness of the 'domestic setting' as the most common viewing and socio-cultural context becomes in itself more complex. Mediated interaction with specific others in a mass distributed or mediated public forum (or marketplace), must in this sense also be taken into account as part of the television viewing experience."

tnc network

tnc network: "TNC Network is an internationally active new-media label specializing in emerging communication technologies and digital culture. Its core business is centered around design and production of innovative events, development and implementation of trend-setting media concepts, as well as consulting, analysis, and creation of high-value knowledge products. Its immediate focus is on mobile/wireless data services, mobile lifestyle, and video game culture."


: "Prof. Derrick De Kerckhove, president du jury des 'E-learning Awards' 2003 :
'People talk about using mobile communications to democratize access to the Internet and to its resources, but this site 'Wapeduc' makes that promise tangible; initially modest in its beginning, it holds the future of pedagogy world wide'
Ce projet a été récompensé aux 'E-learning Awards' 2003 "

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Web guru fights info pollution

BBC NEWS | Technology | Web guru fights info pollution: "E-mail, the net, weblogs, instant messaging, text messaging, multi-media messaging... the list of ways to communicate electronically in the 21st Century is growing. "

Wired 11.11: BBC - Something Completely Different

Wired 11.11: START: "But innovation should cut some of the cost, and distribution could be nearly free. One small group of BBC execs has already floated an ingenious notion: P2P networks. Why spend money on racks of hardware and fat pipes when your most popular files will be shared by your viewers, who will burn them onto DVDs themselves and create their own copies to match demand? "

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Tinderbox: Sorting Things Out

-- uma ferramenta muito interessante para organização de ideias, conteudos e etc. Só para Mac (!)
Tinderbox: Sorting Things Out: "The Tinderbox map view lets you write, review, and organize your notes exactly the way to want. Need to make a new note? Just double-click -- or press Return and start typing. Drag related notes together, link them, color them. You can drag notes into other notes, making new maps -- as deeply as you like. Need more detail? Each note can hold styled text, images, and a whole list of attributes like dates, numbers, names -- whatever your task requires."